Top 20 life insurance company in bangladesh

Top 20 Best Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

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The Insurance Company Act came into effect in Bangladesh in 1973 after the independence war of Bangladesh. Initially, only three insurance companies started working & providing services all Bangladesh & people were not very interested in insurance companies initially.

Insurance companies are financial institutions that provide such services to their customers. Among them, life insurance is the best for customers, and this financial institution continues to help our local people survive a financial crisis.
There are many insurance companies in Bangladesh. Today I am going to talk about the “Top 20 life insurance company in bangladesh, Top Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh” who provide you with all types of Commercial, General Top, Personal Accident, Home, Travel, Life, Health, and Car insurance services.

The Government of Bangladesh contributes to two insurance companies for the people of Bangladesh. Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh (IDRA) is continuously working to formulate rules and regulations. and know top ten life insurance company in bangladesh.

Life insurance in Bangladesh is an important way for people to ensure their family’s financial security in the event of their death.

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Here is the list of top 20 insurance companies in BD:

Asia insurance Ltd(AIL)

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Asia Insurance Ltd is one of the leading non-life insurance companies in Bangladesh. Ail obtains a renewal license from the Insurance Development & Regulatory Authority (IDRA) in 2011, This portfolio includes health insurance, life insurance, home insurance & motor insurance. Provides insurance products. Whether it is to protect your family’s future & your business, Asia Insurance Company Limited helps provide reliable insurance solutions designed to meet the specific needs of valued customers in Asia.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company(MetLife)

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MetLife Insurance Company, known as MetLife, is a renowned insurance company that helps provide financial security & peace of mind to thousands of individuals & families. Be it life insurance, health insurance or retirement planning, MetLife offers reliable support at every stage of life. The company’s mission is to help people deal with the uncertainties of life by providing customized insurance solutions and exceptional customer service. With a trusted reputation built over the years, MetLife Insurance provides services.

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Historical Background of MetLife

MetLife has a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Founded in 1868.

Meghna Insurance Company Limited

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This Company Limited stands as a stalwart of trust and reliability in the insurance industry. Meghna Insurance has catered to the needs of its customers by offering a variety of insurance products ranging from life insurance to property & casualty insurance. This insurer is a partner in reducing risk, ensuring stability and facilitating prosperity.

Meghna Insurance Company is a leading insurance company with a strong foundation built on trust and integrity, they have earned a reputation for their excellent customer service and commitment to meet the unique needs of their clients. Offering a wide range of insurance products including life, health, motor, and property insurance, Meghna Insurance Company Limited aims to simplify the insurance process and provide peace of mind to their policyholders.

Pragati Insurance Limited

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Pragati Insurance Limited company is committed to providing comprehensive insurance solutions. This steadfast insurer, operating with customer-centric principles, has continuously grown to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. Offers a portfolio of insurance products ranging from life and health coverage to property and casualty insurance.  With a rich heritage and a commitment to adapt to emerging challenges, Pragati Insurance Limited is at the forefront of the industry, securing the present and the future for its valued clients.

Takaful Islami Insurance Limited

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Takaful Islami Insurance Limited stands as a pioneering force in the insurance industry.  As a catalyst for ethical financing, Takaful Islami Insurance Limited plays an important role in enhancing financial security within the framework of Islamic principles, creating a path that aligns spirituality with contemporary financial solutions. Takaful Islami Insurance Limited has emerged as a beacon of integrity and social consciousness in the insurance sector.

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Agrani Insurance Company Limited

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Agrani Insurance Company Limited stands out as a trusted insurance company among insurance companies, recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer-centric values. With a wide range of insurance products including leading insurance life, health and property coverage, the company has successfully reduced risk for individuals and businesses alike. Agrani Insurance differentiates itself with its emphasis on cutting-edge technology, efficient service delivery, claim processing and customer engagement tools. Agrani Insurance Company Limited continues to innovate in the insurance sector, ensuring its position as a trusted guardian for the future.

Akij Takaful Life Insurance PLC

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Akiz Takaful Life Insurance plc is a major player in the insurance industry & is known for its commitment to providing ethical & innovative life insurance solutions. The company operates on a Takaful model based on Islamic principles. The company’s diverse life insurance portfolio includes products tailored to individual needs health, education & retirement plans. As a pioneer in the field of ethical & Sharia-compliant life insurance, Akiz Takaful Life Insurance Plc embodies financial innovation, integrity & commitment to improving financial security within the framework of Islamic principles.

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Delta Life Insurance Company Limited

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Delta Life Insurance Company Limited, an iconic entity in the insurance sector, continues its unwavering commitment to securing the financial well-being of individuals & families. Founded on the principles of trust, integrity & innovation, Delta Life Insurance Company has established itself as a leading provider of various insurance solutions.


The company’s services include life insurance, health coverage & pension plans, providing a comprehensive suite of financial protection. Delta Life Insurance is characterized by its customer-centric approach, efficient service delivery & use of advanced technology for customer engagement.

Eastland Insurance Company Limited

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Eastland Insurance Company Limited occupies a significant position in the insurance insurance sector. The company’s services include a wide range of insurance products, marine, motor & liability coverage, catering to the diverse needs of clients. As financial protection, Eastland Insurance actively participates in corporate social responsibility initiatives to contribute to welfare & development.

Jiban Bima Corporation

jiban bima corporation

Jiban Bima Corporation a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s insurance sector, stands as a single government-owned company dedicated to providing life insurance coverage to the country’s citizens.

The company’s range of life insurance services caters to the diverse needs of individuals & families, endowment plans, whole life policies & pension schemes.

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American Life Insurance company

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American Income Life Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Globe Life Inc. As a multi-brand answer company, it has earned a reputation for ambition, trust reliability, and constant adapting to the changing risk management environment. American Income Life Insurance Company is an international company protecting working families in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, and through our wholly-owned subsidiary, National Income Life Insurance Company in New York.

Eastern Insurance Company Ltd

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The company’s diverse portfolio of accommodation property, marine & motor liability is tailored to meet the diverse desiderata of its clients. Eastern Indemnification Company Inhibited, one of the best indemnification companies, has established itself as a testimony of trust, reliability & unwavering commitment to its clients.

Green Delta Insurance Company Limited

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Green Delta Insurance Company Limited was established with a vision of providing ethical insurance solutions. The company’s diversified portfolio caters to the diverse needs of life, health, property, and consumers.

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Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited

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Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited (SBIL) a Non Life Insurance Company was incorporated on March 14, 2000, as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, of 1994 with the vision to become a premier non-life Insurance Company. 2000, it received a certificate of registration to commence insurance business from the Chief Controller of Insurance (now IDRA), instead of an authorized capital of 6.00 crores Tk. 20.00 crore being sponsored by a group of re-noun business personalities reported industrialists of the country having involvement in the diversified business.

Sunlife Insurance Company Limited

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Sunlife insurance Company Restricted (SLICL), a third-era life protection company in Bangladesh, was consolidated on Walk 1, 2000 the Companies Act, 1994 as an Open Restricted Company to carry out life protection commerce in Bangladesh. It has gotten a certificate for graduation of commerce on the same. Giving life protections & creating business opportunities for individuals was the dream of the author Chairman, Late Mr. Col. A. Maleque (PSC), a Serve of the at that point cabinet of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, & previous Leader of the Dhaka City Organization.

Chartered Life Insurance

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Chartered Life Insurance Company Limited(CLICL) may be a restricted company joined on 29th July 2013 the Companies Act 1994. The company could be a safety net provider authorized by the Protections Improvement & Administrative Specialist (IDRA) working trade in Bangladesh. The company offers personal life insurance approaches & Gather life protection approaches.

Continental Insurance Limited

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Mainland Protections is one of the driving & quickly developing Non-life Protections Company in Bangladesh. It ought to be said that Mainland Protections Constrained has taken out essential Re-Insurance security from Outside Re-Insurer additionally Sadharan Bima Corporation for the total security of chance of our all Clients property & interface. Recorded within the Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Trade in 2008.

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Desh General Insurance Company Limited

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Desh Common Protections Company joined the Companies Act 1994 by the office of the Recorder of the Joint Stock Companies in Bangladesh on February 08, 2000. We started the travel of our commerce within the same year displaying the Company as DGIC codes. 2000 we are giving protection scope in regard to dangers united to people, properties, resources commerce; in this regard, we are keeping up a tall level of proficient arrangements of human assets to meet the necessities of our esteemed clients. Our administrations primarily incorporate

City General Insurance Company Ltd

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City General Insurance Company Limited is a reputed player in the insurance industry, which has become known for its commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable insurance solutions. With a diverse portfolio of products and services including property, casualty and liability coverage, City General Insurance caters to the diverse needs of its customers. As an industry leader, City General Insurance maintains its reputation for excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Padma Life Insurance Company Limited

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Padma Life Insurance Company Limited is a renowned and well-established name in the insurance industry. They have been serving customers for years by providing reliable and comprehensive life insurance products. With a focus on protecting the financial future of your loved ones, Padma Life Insurance offers a variety of plans tailored to individual needs. By choosing Padma Life Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s financial well-being is in safe hands.

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Top 20 List of Best Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh

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