Make your marsamyalo phone multi-window support, just 1 minute.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Rooted in front of you today, I got a trick, you marsamyalo version of the phone will be able to make multi-window support.
So let’s get started.

Some Talk

Marsamyalo about a new version of Android. Because of the many versions of KitKat runs. The good news is that now set marsamyalo version is available at 4000- 5000. So I trick.

Another thing, there are some people who trikabidi tuner, tekatiunsa and more blog posts in Bengali.Therefore, to copy a post or comment on reports about the author before, if you are not the author of the report or comment


1. Rooted Android Phone. Of course marsamyalo version will be.
II. Build.prob Editor. Or shift from Google Play Store.


1. Build Prob Editor open, go down and stay until the writing comes Then click lekhataya. Property Value userdebug from the user on the day. See screenshots II. Save, and then reboot. 3. Developer Option to reboot the phone when you turn the multi-window.

How to run a multi-window?

  • When you look at the recent apps on top of each app will be a square box. If you want to run the app in the app’s multi-window mode by clicking on the box will run as.
    See screenshot
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