Krsana Shrabanti together on the big screen!

In the last year, has been engaged with the super model krsana brajera Shrabanti. Biyetio have done with the registry. After talk of love was both thrilling. The pair will face one frame, it could be heard for a long time taliparaya. The speculation came to an end. “Mubhija SK Chatterjee’s next film will play, and her husband krsana braja Shrabanti. That has been notified by the production company.

“Triangular” Love this story krsana Shrabanti and is expected to play more than an actor. Who is he? The face kuluupa emteche ‘SK Movies. Mukherjee, director of the silent task is done. Industry sources, however, the film can play sohama Chakrabarty. In fact, a few days before the “obela ‘was, for the first time are going to work with sohama S. Kerr. This is the picture? Speculation is running with it.

However, the majority of the film will be shot in London. Shrabanti character name ‘arunima. An emerging model. “Pikura (Another hero of the film) with a longstanding love of Arunima. Suddenly Arunima life ‘of arunodaya (krsana) appearance. Arunima life is so random and calculating. Ethnic jewelry line owner of a reputed dawn. The jewelry line opening the showroom in London gets a chance to work on this campaign Arunima. What happens then? The story is about. Shrabanti in “real life, when kapalra worked together on the big screen, the audience of the project has a different interest. I am very optimistic about this project. There is a story thrila. Bengali film industry like never before. ”

This is the first work on the big screen krsanera. In any case, he is acting tips? Shrabanti answer, “can not be taught about acting. That is to stay inside. However, with him acting differ are discussed. Are jayadipadao Guide. I hope it will be good. ”

According to Mukherjee, director of the task is done, “krsanera has a strong background in modeling, in which the heroes are usually not available Taliganj. He has a strange ayatitiudao. Liability wanted to catch up on the screen. Casting krsanake why. ” Njunera is due to begin in the second week of shooting.


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