Users who do not see the balance of the old modem GP ??

Dear friends, how are you sabaiasa the grace of God we are all well in your goodness and grace of God, I achiaja I’ll share with you the fact that the old GP, who are using the modem, but for those who are not getting the benefits of the new GP Modem many of my old GP modems today use karaamara this tune, but we have all the new modem modem can dial natai ussd code like the balance and the users in mind, today I share this tune by tune these karaasa first of all, you benefit from a skrinasata Take a look below.

Install this software to share with you today, I yacchiprathame manubara then select the option from the USSD & RECHARGE this house of code writing code, then press the send button will be in diameter. Through it all work, including the balance can be recharged. The first tiunamente linta pabenato software today, and I hope that this problem will not suffer. If you are in tune with this part of my benefit if I succeed in this tune habeara more new things I can share with you parababhala lagele trick will be tiumenta. This will be seen again for today’s well being bye.

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