Medical costs increased by more than rural people!

Abnormal levels of medical spending overall lifestyle of rural people has increased. The village is more than the increase in expenditure in this sector. In addition, compared to the rural population, education, entertainment, clothes and shoes increased by more than the amount of the cost of purchase. However, the cost of food and energy sectors increased by more than the city. December on the basis of the information outgoing Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) data to create a report has found.

According to the report, last year increased by more than the cost of living in the city than in rural areas. In food, transport and fuel costs have increased more than in the village. Last year, the cost of living index at 13 rupees 38 paise and 86 paise increase of 9 money.

0 to buy goods and services in December that 015 villages would pay Rs 87, 230 in December, the same amount of money to buy services and goods have to pay 73 paise. One year, the cost of living in the village has increased 9 paise to 86 rupees. In December of the same product or service to buy 015 inhabitants had to spend 19 rupees 67 paise. In December last year to buy the goods and services was Rs 1 33 paise. At that time, the cost of living has increased by 13 rupees 34 paise city. The cost of living in cities than in rural areas increased by more than 3 rupees 48 paise.

In this regard, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) research director and senior economist said. Zaid Bakht, the gap between rural and urban areas than in the past was due to the increase. The more the gap will continue to increase, the more rural and urban gap will increase the cost of living. In this case, the balance of the city as well as rural development will bring.

He is now towards development. As a result of the migration of people. Increasing the pressure on the city. Falling on the village.

The report can be seen from the data available, the rural population increased by more than the medical expenses. In December last year, compared to 015 at December 13, increased medical costs X amount of money. Twenty of the same service in the city has increased by 3 paise to Rs. That would have to spend to get treatment in 015 at December 06 paise to Rs 3. In December of the same service cost 19 rupees 54 paise. 015 in December of the same service in the city have to spend 181 rupees 85 paise. Last December, the service will cost Rs 7 185 coins.

In this regard, the Bureau of Statistics official said, the village does not have good medical care. As a result, the village wealthier people come to the city for treatment. This increases their costs. Most of the people in the village do not get better treatment.

Similarly, the rural people buying clothes and shoes behind the outgoing year, the cost of money has risen 8, 35 paise, the city has increased by 6 paise to Rs 7. Entertainment and education in rural areas has increased the cost of Tk 87 paise, 46 paise and Rs 1 increase in the city.

Meanwhile, the city rent, fuel and power costs increased by more than a village. The money spent in the last year increased by 7 to 17 paise, 60 paise and Rs 9 in the village has increased.

Economists said the man rented house in the village do not agree. Most of the villages in this sector has increased at the expense of the energy sector. Oil prices higher in rural areas than in cities. For this reason, they are used in agriculture or transportation of fuel purchased at a higher price.

The cost of money has risen 16 to 69 percent of the boat. 67 247 money could buy food money last year, the one-year interval of 36 paisa at Rs 264. The cost of food has increased by 11 rupees 10 paise in the village.

Biaidisera senior researcher said. Nazneen Ahmed, the higher cost of living of the poor from the rural poor. There are more job opportunities in the urban poor in the village. The poor can earn some cities, but in rural areas it is not possible.

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