Delhi’s threat to seize 10 hours!

The strength of China and India on the world map. The two countries carried out nuclear power. So in an effort to compete with each other as the two countries. Kinati if China wants to grab Delhi within two days. Provoke controversy between India and China, the Chinese news agency claimed.

New Delhi to Beijing several times, however, have stretched out the hand of friendship to any of them from side did not respond. Not only in Pakistan and India, along with China has helped the opposition powers. China has no shortage of attempts to suppress India. NSG or the Nuclear Suppliers Group in India are constantly prevented from entering China. Hafiz Saeed, the Pakistan-backed militants branded as terrorists by the United Nations to give India was recommended. But it did not succeed due to opposition from China.

But this time China was a direct threat to India. China is a threat to the public television channel, China wants to grab dudinei Delhi. According to the channel, when the war started within 48 hours of Delhi’s armored forces and tanks into the fall. The Chinese army paratrooper landing in Delhi will be able to 10 hours.

However, the Chinese media has claimed that the threat of Indian military experts ridiculous. Retired Indian Army colonel repealed Agarwal, India is a news media that “China will not be able to reach even their forces 48 hours in Delhi. Since all of the India-China border in hilly areas of the large military vehicles or tanks can not get into.”

10 hours in New Delhi cinadera this demand could drop paratrooper colonel foil agaraoyala said, “if you could let India paratrooper in Beijing. However, several hundred soldiers lowered from the plane in New Delhi, India mahasaktike flat like a raving mad.”

Experts are, however, a way to put pressure on China, India and the bragging right. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government came to power, Pakistan and China to make the message of the Delhi border aggression.

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