Jake Paul-Nate Diaz Live Results and Exams

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Jake Paul-Nate Diaz Live Results and Exams

Round by Round: Paul vs. Diaz
Round 10: Paul lands hard shots early. Diaz did the Diaz thing, leaning against the ropes and egging Paul. Diaz got what the fans wanted and his push would lead many to believe he won. Maybe the judges will see it that way. But Paul landed the hardest shots of the fight. Paul 10-9; 96-93.

Round 9: Paul is tired. He landed some decent shots, but Diaz pressed the whole time and even taunted Paul at one point. Diaz lands some more combos, again lots of volume and a nice uppercut to his left that snaps Paul’s head back. Diaz 10-9; Paul 86-84.

Round 8: Remember, if the bout had gone round eight, it would have ended here. That’s why Diaz wanted to make it longer. He has great cardio. Diaz came to life in this round, supported by Clay. Get his pressure and volume Paul. But it may be too late. Diaz 10-9; Paul 77-74.

Round 7: Diaz is definitely back in the fight. Paul had some good left hook counters. He’s throwing those punches and landing them often. He’s not throwing as many rights. Something is wrong with it. Diaz tends to be effective in close, not just on damaging shots. Paul 10-9; Paul 68-64.

Round 6: A relatively uneventful round in what turned out to be an eventful fight. Paul lands good combos early, then Diaz lands some nice dirty boxing. Difficult to score. We’ll go to Diaz for volume. Diaz 10-9; Paul 58-55.

Round 6 Update: This may sound blasphemous, but I can watch Paul-Diaz all night. It’s great theater to say the least with an entertaining fight. Nate Diaz is in the same mindset as Heather Hardy — I’ll take as much as you want to throw at me all night. — Rothstein

Round 5: Paul drops Diaz with a big left hand to the forehead. Diaz muttered; Diaz looked shaky at first but then came forward the rest of the round. Still, after a big Paul round it looked like Diaz was in control. Paul 10-8; Paul 49-45.

Jake Paul-Nate Diaz Live Results and Exams, mainitbd.com
Jake Paul-Nate Diaz Live Results and Exams

Round 5 Update: Jake knocks out Paul Diaz!

Round 4: Big Diaz Round. Paul might be a bit tired. Diaz is making it an ugly dogfight. He lands some nice combos and even knocks Paul’s head back with a left. It’s a strange fight, but Diaz is doing better now than it seemed he would in the first. Diaz 10-9; Paul 39-37.

Round 3: Diaz isn’t pretty, but he’s working for Paul. Paul still shots hard, landing a good left hook and a big right hand. But Diaz is a pushover, making it dirty and ugly. That’s all he has to do and hope Paul is tired. Paul 10-9; Paul 30-27.

Round 2: Better round for Diaz. He got in close and was effective from there, landing some combos. Paul had a nice upper cut and right hand. Diaz countered with a left hook. Better rounds and Diaz is in the fight. Paul landed hard shots, though. Paul 10-9; Paul 20-18.

Round 1: Big pressure from Paul. Big left hook. Hard right hand. He hurt Diaz a bit and it wasn’t a good round by any stretch for the MMA legend. Paul 10-9.

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