5 million cyber attacks against Russia in one year!

Government agencies and companies in Russia, that is, against 016 last year, five million more than 0 million cyber attacks. A three-fold increase in the amount of cyber attacks than the previous year, according to the head of the Russian Security Council Nikolai patruseibha.

Kurajene Russian city in the country, he said at a meeting of security agencies. Hardware as well as parts of the Russian Internet activities were to stop all attacks. However, the attack on the Russian media did not give any information about the source directly.

In addition, he said, the Russian cyber attack has tried to grab some confidential information. The goal is to install a computer system on the secret, he said. Besides, the Russian anti-cyber world’s attention on the urgency, he said. He said the majority of the operations have been carried out in mid-January to the American servers.

Russia baseless allegations of cyber attacks, Washington has hinted he highlighted, former US President Barack Obama’s administration was aware of the urgency.

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