Muslims are back money to the violence in Jharkhand!

Housewife on dowry torture cases can be heard regularly in India. But the opposite was happening now sedeserai a remote area. Giving the money back to the time of marriage as a dowry patrapaksa. In the meantime, nearly eight hundred Muslim families have returned the dowry to the bride’s family at the wedding of his son. The amount of Rs 6 crore.

This process, known as the State of Jharkhand palamaute backward over a year. Muslim families has been started at the back portion of the region between the adherents of other faiths.

How to get started:
Haji Mumtaz Ansari, a resident of the village first began to make people aware of this issue. He said, “Many people come to me and teen daughter’s wedding dowry money that would have been difficult to collect the keys. Debt as well as the land was sold. Then people started to explain that.”

That began in April last year, the betting money in the hands of anti-handed operation, one daughter and eight hundred families. You know, as opposed to the first portion of the road started to walk pokharitola village in Jharkhand state. Muslim families were betting that pokharitolara son’s wedding at the time, started to pay back the money they have.

Many people may not be able to pay the money back right now, but they are in front of everyone’s commitment to give back the money. Loss of self-esteem seems to be taking dowry they have started. It is also said that many of his own money incompetence.

Mumtaz Ansari words, “Muslim families coming to see the other people in the community. They have started to return the money.”

Received so much support in the betting Palamou pokharitolara anti-Muslim family is no longer present in the region do not have the courage to ask. Behalf and on behalf of the daughter of the pot among themselves without having to negotiate the dowry system has been stopped, it is going to mathara society. Mr. Qazi, who when they hear the words of the violence have been denied the right to marry!

Pokharitolara Mohammad Zakir Hossain, a resident of the younger daughter was married three with a youth village. After the start of the operation to return the dowry was returned to her in-laws fifty thousand rupees in cash.

Zakir Hussain speaking, the “big two daughters were already married. Their marriage, but not the cash to buy the two-wheeler. With utensils, bed, cupboard all these things happened. They found and returned. But the younger fifty-laws of the money – cash that was given, it was back. barapaksa arrangement and gave the money back. ”

Bihar, Jharkhand panapratha, a voluntary organization working on child marriage issue Sohini Bhattacharya, vice-president, said the breakthrough, ” among Muslims, but there was no betting system, from the Hindu community, they learned about the dowry. Jharkhand panapratha spread among indigenous communities. Early marriage has been associated with the Bihar-Jharkhand panaprathara. The more educated the woman’s age or more, his father and mother to give more consideration. So many people gave women early marriage. The value of life can reduce a woman’s house nearby.

“Source: BBC

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