The meal will take to retain memory!

Health and Medical News in our memories, we wonder, are all more or less. As age increases, the more the nature of the issues that many of us are forgetting the rules a little. And always did what we think will strengthen our memory. What diet is rousing memories, let’s see what we often search the Internet for retirement. But there, as well as some food, eating too much, which weakens our memories. We are very aware of it, but not the second. What to eat to keep strong retention ajajanabo be pruned from your list.

1) sea food Sea Food: The first shall say all sorts of seafood dishes. For example, marine fish, crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.. No matter how delicious the food is not cooked properly, these laguga, playing for a long time problem. According to the researchers, these foods contain more mercury uccamatraya, causing the accumulation of knowledge and the ability of the brain is interrupted. Despite being rich in omega three fatty acids, even if no more than three weeks, tuna and other marine fish can be eaten, then all of a sudden we began to gradually lose memory.

Ii) prosesada food: prosesada packaged food or bad food, but a serious impact on our memory. We have seen or heard or read anekasamayei times I do not even remember anything. Remember me when you ate the food of these prosesada, or Ready-to-eat packaged like a brick. Matrachara be responsible for the trans-phyatio our smrtibhansa behind. Many packaged foods contain fish or meat, and brought home a little oil, fry recommend as a great afternoon snack. Additional trans phyatai away silently damage the brain.

3) the additional salt in food: cooked foods with more salt is not good for the body at all. It makes the balance of sodium thinking.

4) sweet food: Researchers say the extra sugar or foods that are phrukatoja; Exclude them. Manosanyoge as well as the harmful chemical compound because it is disturbing us, so learn something new, to remember the obstruction.

5) saturated fat meal: if extra pizza or pasta eating habits drop. The saturated fat because it weakens the memory.

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