The kidneys keep a good meal!

Who is suffering from kidney problems, they need to be formal dining. If you can be a lot better. What kind of kidney problems about how to cheer this year’s Organize
Kidney problems, usually from the body of excess water, salt and potassium are found in emissions problem. When kidney failure or kidney operation slowly increase the amount of phosphorus in the body. The amount of phosphorus due to the increased loss of calcium from bone is excessive. Osteoporosis is likely to be from. This time, potassium and sodiyamasamrddha food, salt and phasapharasasamrddha food needs to be controlled. To measure the water, according to medical advice. The ability to flush out excess water because of decreased kidney.
What kind of food will avoid
Flour rich in potash, oranges, bananas, dates, tamoto, potato, pumpkin, spinach Eat well. Phasapharasasamrddha rice, soybeans, carrots, mustard, cow’s milk. Eat less salt. Extra salt and high blood pressure problems.
What kind of food you can eat
Grape fruit, pears, apples, watermelon you can eat. Vegetables cucumbers, lettuce, onions, cauliflower can eat.
Keep a good kidney
* From the beginning, special care needs to maintain good kidney activity.
* Eat a good Percocet frequently.
* A day, drink plenty of water. Very small amounts of water may be pressure on the renal system.
* Avoid kroniyama compound in a sports drink.
* Liver, such as alcohol and cigarettes to keep the kidney is less able to eat well. Putting pressure on the renal system and causes excessive alcohol and cigarettes.
* Try to prevent diabetic. Get regular exercise. Avoid sweet foods and excess fat.
* Comply kidney diet chart.
* Some of the issues that arise in the course of kidney doctor.

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