The Facebook launched Group Video Messenger chat.

Facebook Messenger again began new features. From now on, the group videocall feature multiple Messenger video chat with friends can be together.Mashable reports this information to them.
Messenger video chat features have been introduced recently. However, it only applies to a particular person was chatting with. Under both group video chat with up to six people will be able to chat.
Using all the latest Messenger users can enjoy this feature. The Messenger is a new feature in this version of the group has been launched with a videocall.Snyapacyatera fall into this feature can be used to mask the various animated video clip or a group video chat.
Group video calling do not have to follow any particular rules. Just as one-to-one video calls would have to call a videocall click on the icon, the same here.
Although both Six will be able to video chat, video without audio, but may add up to 50 in the group call.
There is no lack of detractors Messenger. However, to add features from the messenger does not stop ever.Just a few days ago, Facebook has added some instant games. Without it, the other instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp all the features of the user or the messenger ahead.


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