9 tips to learn to recognize the Facebook profile is fake!

Many people of various bad intentions to create these fake profiles. So this kind of situation is to be removed from the Friend’s profile persons. But how do you identify a fake profile? 9 easy to recognize fake profiles were kausala
(1) First, check the suspicious account pikagulo profile. If you see only one or two of Peake profile, then it is very likely to be a fake account.
(Ii) Do not pick a fake profile accounts may not be genuine. DP-T false whether to download the image to see Google Image Search (images.google.com) with the image search. Will know, the film actually is.
(3) Activities of the Facebook account is compromised? Too low or irregular status update or post, comment or share or seen others like her do not post these signs of a fake account.
(4) Who is the friendlist suspicious account? What you do not know all of them? What does that add to their random person’s account? It could happen, then, that he is running a fake account.
(5) Please note that in his Friend. If you see almost all the men in his Facebook friends, or for the account if all mahila is likely enough to be fake.
(6) the suspect’s account “About” Go nuggets. Look, school, college, or what information is given about the workplace. If you do not have any data, or an inconsistency between the information provided by the eye, then you can be sure that it’s fake profile.
(7) What is your date of birth suspicious Facebook friends? January 1, December 31, or August 15, the date of his birth, which can be easily remembered? If the account could be a fake.
(8) Check for suspicious account Facebook wall. If you see, ‘Thanks for Adding Me, I Do U Know, “the National Post has multiple wall, and he did not give any reply None, then you can almost be sure, a fake account.
(9) to the account of a woman’s picture, gender reads “Female”, and given the numbers yourself? Then it is very likely to be a fake account.

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