Do you know Learn about the center of the national consumer complaint and my experience

My experience.
The price of ice cream more than five money
as a result of a complaint made …
fined as
extra money around 1240 … I
can get you. But
most people do not know it …
but very important.
Two months ago, on a highway near the
hotel during a break in the
hotel stopped … the bus
company. Other highway
as the hotel here exorbitant
food prices.
Igloo ice cream is my favorite …
The company set the price of
money, but there were five to fifteen
to twenty more money … the money …
We took a copy of the bill … the bill
taking pictures, a copy of the indictment
write (picture comments) send it
gave the National Consumer Rights
Protection Department of the e-mail address …
And it’s almost forgotten
Suddenly the phone from a number
of consumer protection would come …
Office Assistant Director ASM
masumauddaula … he
told the charges. And
also, he said, the next day, Thursday,
the operation of the restaurant
you want to go. What could I do?
It was another district, and I
work at a hospital because I
was not possible to go for.
The next afternoon, he
took the phone again …
raided the restaurant
and like complaints prathabarera was
fined five thousand.
Consumers’ Rights Act, Section 76 (4)
, according to the fine 5
percent immediately
to the complainant. As he
said to me before the 1240
money (ten stamps cost money) to develop
them. The e-mail is an
acknowledgment of receipt sent to
Section 009 of the Consumer Bill of Rights
under 40, “a person
at a higher price than the price of any goods or
services sold or offered for sale
, and he was sentenced to one year of age
, or a fine not exceeding fifty thousand rupees
will be punished with a fine or both.”
Price higher than the price determined
in addition to the rights of consumers
to complain about the compromise that
is. For example,
consumers by false advertising
to deceive, adulterated
product sales, product packaging is used
, the mixture of a ban on food products,
embroidery weight, the promised goods or services to
sell or supply is not properly
etc … (Consumer-Rights Protection
Act, 009, CHAPTER IV Article 37
Note 53.)
If you do something like consumer protection
director, deputy director or
every district magistrate
(DC), along with a written complaint
should be.
Written complaint directly,
by mail or fax, e-mail
can be through. Charges
related to the purchase of goods or services receipt
must be attached. At the end of your name,
occupation, address, parents names,
phone numbers and e-mail address
must be specified.
I charge my e-meilei
wrote … Where Francis
bought the packet writing
determined how much, and they
have taken from the price,
the complaint mentioned.
Pictures with the bill as evidence.
Five more than money to me …
or I pay the fine
for not complain, I
was complaining to my customers
to the right. Thanks to
the quick action they
lay. They are all self-
National consumer complaint centers
Mobile number: 01777-753668
in fact, always help people
to ready, but janasadharanai they
are approached. People rarely complain
to them.
Our problem is that, in
the right place most people
do not complain, just criticism and
catch up …
he was aware of his rights,
and other concerned

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