How will You Get Smart Card By SMS

The citizens of the national
identity of the smartcard
has begun. Meanwhile,
many people understand their own cards
But everyone still in the hands of the
Smart reached. But
those who still have not got
the chance to ask
when you get to the
card. 105 SMS
sent to the Election Commission or
from the website to find out
the information you can.
The Election Commission
website, https: //
enaaidi number and link to the
form number and date of birth or
date of birth, the smartcard
will know the date of the distribution.
The smartcards are
yet to determine the distribution date
is not later, they
again asked to search for
Delivered via SMS
to know the date and the name of the center
will be. SMS
SC out of the space 17
the number and type enaaidi number 105
will be send. And those
13 digits enaaidi their
enaaidira marks the first year of birth
must be added.
Enaaidi who still have not received
the SC space F with
the space registration
number space slips Form
D space with the birth
date, type the number 105
will be send.

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