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Angels of death and the following detailed description.

  1. After the Resurrection, Allah will break saptaakasa.Seven angels in the sky, the same as the gate of death.Samasha will drink the cup of the angel of death.Throne will die the death of the angels carrying wreaths. He will command –
    => Gabriel! Die!
    => Michael! Die!
    Allah will recommend Ishq and Love – “O Allah!Mikailake Gabriel and save! ‘ And Allah will be announced –
    ly those askt fqd ktbt almwt kan tht rshy
    “Shut up! For all those who are under my authority, I have decided to die. ”
    Gabriel will die. Michael and the last. Israfil will decline phutkarera sina die. Throne sounded sinara wind will blow. God is on the throne. I love the below. And Allah will prasba – Say, who is left? ”
    Say, below you and above your servant. ”
    Guides –
    ank myt
    “to die.”
    So far, all the charm and soul would turn the charm of his own soul. I love you to death, then people would have lived to hear the cries of the people died of heart asunder.
    => Today there is no way for anyone to cry.
    => Today there is no one to bury them.
    => Today there is no one like to put the shroud.
    => There is no one to mourn for someone today.
    => The wealth lost as a result of the cases
    no one else to.
    => In court today. There is no court.
    => There are Kursi. Kurasite there is no one sitting.
    => There sovereignty. There is no king.
    => There is no one like the cup drinker.
    => Today is a God. He has no partner.
    Allah will be announced when all the dead will be with –
    those kan ly yka flyat shr …
    “I have a partner that will take care of me?”
    He will announce three times. Say, I have come to the front without any counterpart. He bowed the heavens and the earth will be announced –
    ana alqds alslam almw those
    “Hi, I am a believer Quddus.”
    Again, the same word would shake. Not to mention the third –
    ana almhymyn alz aljbr almtkbr yz
    “I am Azizul jabbarula mutakabbira muhaiminula.”
    And say –
    ayn almlk
    “the kings
    Where?” Ayn aljbarwn
    “the unjust today
    is?” Ayn almtkbrwn
    “insolent are today?”
    # Say
    لمن الملك alywm
    “who is the king?”
    no reply. Then He will say himself
    – llh alwahd alqhar
    “Allah’s absolute reign of the Almighty.”
    – [Al muminah 16]
    where to take account of God. Where there is provision for punishment and reward.
    There are practices where cirashayi cirashayi honor and disgrace.
    Where there is always the form of handsome, ugly rupao there.
    Where success is always, always charging.
    Unlimited unlimited respect, as well as where shame.
    God in heaven, then he will be pleased with anyone.
    If you are unhappy, and hell will.
    This was the last word in our maranai,
    then there was no worry.
    Not of those who prayed or read.
    I used to screen or not.
    Or had not told the truth.
    I was good or evil.
    Interest eat or not eat.
    I would like to have the wrong man.
    * But death is not the end. Burial, Resurrection, the Balance, it take, heaven or hell – is in front of us at all.
    Allah will make easy for everyone.