Vibration Vibrator Massager

[url=]Vibration Vibrator Massager[/url] is a strong vibration massager application.
Since the vibe of the length and spacing can be saved by setting your own you can enjoy powerful Vibe massage of your choice for free.

How to use

The slider bars set the length of the [url=]Vibration Vibrator Massager[/url] under the “vibration”.

Set the interval of the bar in the vibration and the vibration of the bottom of the “interval”.

Set the vibration of the [url=]Vibration Vibrator Massager[/url] will begin as soon as you release your finger.
To stop the vibration of the Vibration Vibrator Massager, tap the button that says “stop” at the bottom of the screen.

“Preset” is to save the combination of the Vibration Vibrator Massager at the button of the long tap. Then, it will vibrate with a combination of Vibration Vibrator Massager that was saved when you tap the button. It said roughly as how to use, there is a way to gradually weaken the Vibration Vibrator Massager and gradually how to strengthen the [url=]Vibration Vibrator Massager[/url] as the button number of increases. Or start from weak or massage start from the strong message is your call, please set to your liking.

“random” is literally, you can create a Vibration Vibrator Massager at random.
Usage is considered two is divided into easy.

One is looking for a favorite Vibration Vibrator Massager combination by pressing the random button many times to look for the Vibration Vibrator Massager of the combination that I like. It your favorite Vibration Vibrator Massager combination is are numbers written Once you have found the button and save the long tap.

Two eyes might When you tap the random button is new world look at that at the end of the soon with the usual favorites of Vibration Vibrator Massager in the preset buttons massage.

Find and we hope that you’ll enjoy for many years to come this app the best Vibration Vibrator Massager combination for you.

☆ Whether Vibration of the Vibration Vibrator Massager is strong or weak depends on the model. .
☆ long period of time of continuous use will put a burden on the equipment. Please be careful.
☆ If you want to use and rely on the equipment to the body, please be aware of the temperature rise of the equipment.

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