Photo Sticker Maker

[url=]Photo Sticker Maker[/url]
Easy and smart cut
Enjoy cutting parts out of your photo! Simply draw some lines then the parts will be recognized magically. Finally, the parts will be processed with the edge-refining algorithm and generated as anti-aliased hi-quality photo cutouts.

Realistic Sticker Effect
Apply a stroke or shadow effect to the cutout photo! The cutout will become very realistic sticker image. The stickers will look more realistic if you apply a professional peeling effect or scissors-cut effect. Various filters are also ready to use.

[url=]Photo Sticker Maker[/url] Be Creative!
You can change the background only or fill the cutouts with color or pattern. Also, type some text or draw something, they will be created as another sticker. Save current work-in-progress for later editing.

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