How to run/install Windows 95 in your Android phone

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you, How to run Windows based Operating system Windows 95 in your Android phone.
Here’s the final post.


  • Windows 95 img. Download from here 108 mb
  • Limbo PC emulator (install it from store)
  • Hacker’s keyboard (install it from store)
  • And an Android device
  • Steps to Run Windows

    # Go to Limbo PC emulator. Select load machine and click on “New”. Then give any name and click on create.

    # Follow screenshot

    # Now mark Hard disk A. And select c.img, which you downloaded before.

    # Mark Show toolbar and Fullscreen and high priority.

    # Then click start button.

    # Show keyboard and Now press any key.

    # After 1-2 min Windows will booted. And you will get this….

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